Life is not a play….

Zindagi koi khel nahi hai Doston, Jise jab chaho khelo aur jab chaho band kar do. Zindagi to ek anmol tohfa hai Doston, Jise milti use kadar nahi aur jise nahi milti vo pareshan hai. Kyu khamkha zindagi barbad karne me lage ho? Kyu khamkha zindagi se khilwad karne me lage ho? Kyu khamkha logon […]

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Dil ki Aawaz…

U hi har kisi ki pahechan nahi hoti, koshish karne Walon ki kabhi har nahi hoti. Mil jati jo ijjat kisi ke paida hone se, Fir budhape me kyu bhatakte hai log pareshan hone se. U hi kishmat kisi pe meharban nahi hoti, Koshish karne Walon ki kabhi har nahi hoti. Mil jati jo shohrat […]

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Faith on yourself

When I was just 7year old I don’t know what is wrong and what is Wright but I know everything that learned by parents, teachers & neighbors that time I always do 1 thing I God Krishna ji , Shankar ji, 33carod devta, shards ji, kali ji pls help me I need to get good […]

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Love is nor a feel nor attraction. Love is not dependent on any kind of conditions. Love happens when two people’s became one… nothing occured in both people. Everything seems like a haven in any condition in any situation no thoughts no people mid of them that is called real love… in a whole life […]

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Shame on you

There are many types of people who thing about themself always dosen think about other that how other people surviving… So same on you that if you cant help any one then you dont have any athority to say anything anyone….

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